Our clients were all looking for
a disruptive model of digital housekeeping
– but one that was not at all disruptive
to their staff.

Our clients work on everything from margin splits
to mosh pits.


Design & advertising

The problem: A flourishing advertising agency – who had outgrown two offices due to their success – had overlooked their technology requirements with each move. Origin84 were asked to investigate their ‘frustratingly slow’ user experience and identify technology solutions to increase the team’s productivity.

The solution: The first step was in-depth requirements gathering conducted through end-user workshops. This produced a hit list of individual projects that were prioritised into a strategic plan. By rolling out  innovations such as a microwave internet, high speed file storage for 50 users, corporate WIFI for office flexibility, and a monitoring and maintenance schedule for ongoing stability, IT is no longer frustrating productivity or compromising the creative process.


Music & entertainment

The problem: Running a touring music festival is dynamic – and challenging. Up-to-date information is essential for ticketing, logistics and management of artists. Stuck with being unable to send email or access their data from outside the office, Origin84 were tasked with ensuring that the team could continue to collaborate once they hit the road.

The solution: The initial project was to migrate to an email platform that enabled sync across all devices, with consideration given to working in poor internet connectivity areas. Installing an in-house OSX file server allowed for better data security, and meant that documents remained accessible on the road via VPN. Recommending ‘best of breed’ online tools for collaboration also boosted their ability to project manage tasks and reduce operational risks.


Banking & finance

The problem: An internal marketing studio manager for a ‘Big 4’ bank was at the point of exasperation when we were called in to plan a more seamless Mac experience for the studio. Windows systems administrators didn’t welcome ‘rouge Macs’ onto their domain – which meant studio team members had a second rate IT experience, often having to break bank policies to get their job done.

The solution: Choosing not to hide behind conference calls and email, we did requirement gathering with key stakeholders and discussed concerns over security, compliance and governance. Once it was clear that ‘Macs don’t break the network’, we collaborated to develop a bespoke managed desktop and server solution within the bank ecosystem. The project was delivered by limiting the Macs’ corporate network touch points to internet and email – and fulfilled the marketing department’s productivity requirements with an Origin84 fully-managed service solution.



The problem: The Sydney office of a global recruitment agency were being treated like a colonial outpost by their central IT team based in London. Local staff numbers were small, meaning remote management should have been straightforward – but head office failed to sense that Australia’s poor internet speed was causing trouble daily when connecting to the UK-based mail server. With a view to expanding within the region, Origin84 were approached to assist taking ownership of IT for of the Asia/Pacific region.

The solution: Uncoupling the Sydney office from global IT ties enabled it to become the Asia/Pacific hub. Expanding to Melbourne was simple; expanding to Hong Kong needed more careful consideration. Designing an ‘IT solution in a crate’: a team member in the new office would be able to simply set up their supporting IT with limited instruction through the use of preconfigured hardware and cloud-managed firewalls.

“Origin84 cleared out the dead wood that was blocking our productivity.”

“When you do something a certain way for a long time, it’s not often that you’re challenged if that is the right way.
We have been working with Origin84 for five years, and they still think about our operations and regularly share their ideas with us about ways we could better use technology in our day-to-day operations.
But the most valuable thing to us, given the nature our work, is that we have access to a team who answer the phone – no matter what hour we need help.”
Kathryn H, music festival manager

“They delivered a large-scale business solution that impressed our CIO.”

“Banks are not known to be the most exciting of places for design, but we have a marketing team that need to have their Macs operate seamlessly on the corporate network and collaborate effectively.

Origin84 supply us a fully managed desktop and server solution that takes all of the difficulty of integrating into the banks systems. They handle everything for us in terms of the integration and internal IT liaison but more importantly are actively trying to improve our user experience will be quick to execute changes that need to be implemented to keep us at the forefront of our industry in delivering printed and digital marketing collateral.”
Mike W, studio manager, one of Australia’s ‘Big 4’ banks

“We’re only 6 people, but by God we function like 12 now!”

“Initially thought I was clever when I emailed Origin84 for pricing on a new file server for my studio with list specifications off the Apple Store. It wasn’t a quote that was sent back but a question instead – “How will you be using it?” – and an offer to catch up for a coffee.
When we met with Michael it became clear that what I had asked for was not going to cut the mustard – but ultimately I ended up with a much more fitting solution for our needs. What a relief.”
Liam C, designer, full-service ad agency

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