Disappointment and dissatisfaction
are the cornerstones of our business.

Our clients are sick of complexity
getting in the way of the flow.

Our expertise

  • Holding unparalleled Mac experience at every scale, which gives us the know-how to solve the problems that you need solved
  • Maintaining an agnostic approach to technology, so you get the best tools
  • Understanding Windows environments, for successful Mac integrations
  • Designing solutions that are flexible and adaptable, to handle future growth

Our specialties

  • Creating elegant technology answers to solve business problems
  • Making issue triage the stepping stone to solving the bigger issues
  • Delivering Mac-based infrastructure solutions for Mac-focused organisations
  • Wizardry of getting Macs to play nice on complex Windows networks

Our philosophy

Trust: Enjoyment comes from working with those who are like-minded. We focus on excellent service because we feel the same way about you as a client as you do about yours.


Surety: You’ll always know where you stand. We prize clear communication, simple pricing structures and straightforward explanations of what we are doing.


Simplicity: Our solutions are elegant, and – wherever possible – invisible. We strive for reliability and performance and use best-in-class tools to deliver them.


Awareness: We know that there is no single answer to everyone’s technology problem. We continually evolve our solutions to match the dynamic needs of business.

Our respect

Time: We have respect for your time and value it as much as you do. Time is a commodity that is readily abused in business these days.


Communication: We communicate well and will keep you informed. What is going on with your technology, as well as the happenings inside our business – You’ll have fewer surprises.


Accessibility: We will be available when you need us. If that is 7 days a week, or 24 hours a day, you let us know the time commitment you require and it can be arranged.


Humility: We never assume that we’d always know better than you. Gaining your respect and earning your trust are our focus from the time we begin working together.

What does Origin84 mean? Our name is a constant reminder that something great started in 1984. The Mac has since become a favoured tool of designers, artists, musicians, promoters, entrepreneurs, writers, technicians, and coders. They’re loved for impeccable detail, craft and quality. The uncompromising attitude Apple have in designing them matches our attitude in delivering an unequalled level of support for them.

Origin Eighty-Four PTY Limited

1 Ann Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW, 2010

Call: 1300 800 936


Origin84 is an Apple Consultant Network Partner


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