While businesses are wonderfully unique,
their problems aren’t.
Chances are we’ve already seen some
of yours and know how to solve them.

That feeling of grinding your gears
can become something a little more uplifting.

You’re a start-up:

  • You need the best technology advice up front
  • You should work with someone who’ll listen to your vision and ask intelligent questions
  • You sometimes need a firm correction if you’re heading off track
  • You need to spend that seed capital as skilfully as you can
  • You require the most flexible and agile base building blocks
  • You’d prefer people who are on your side, who’ve been there themselves

You’re a mid-sized shop:

  • You’ve arrived here because you’ve been doing well with your offering and the market likes it
  • You may have put off doing a review of how you do things because you’re always short on time
  • You know instinctively that a more professional approach and streamlining of process will bring rewards
  • You’ve decided it’s time to step back from technology being a DIY thing
  • You could take the glory by delivering a smart systems consolidation project that will create efficiency gains

You’re a large concern:

  • Maybe you never expected to be dealing with Macs and now you feel like you’re a little out of your comfort zone
  • You often wonder where you can find good help to get these Macs to play fair on your domain
  • You’d love have the peace of mind to reach Apple experts when you need to
  • Your security and management teams don’t seem to offer any constructive advice other than more hurdles
  • Would be great if things were standardised and coherently managed
  • It would be ace to trust somebody who has got your back and isn’t trying to subvert your position

You’re enterprise-scale:

  • You want to explore how you can bring the Apple experience to your organisation through BYOD
  • Suddenly you’ve uncovered a few ‘islands’ of Macs that the last IT Manager turned a blind eye to, but you can’t look away
  • Valuable would be a second opinon on the direction that the one ‘guy who knows about Mac’ is taking in trying to get around the proxy
  • You need to run pilot Apple projects that are high profile which need to be done right the first time – because reputations are at stake
  • Need to know that the team you are engaging feel as comfortable working for you in the data centre as they do in front of an iMac


Is your current IT provider displaying any of these 5 symptoms?

    1.   You need to follow them up, perpetually. You never get that call back they promised, or they’re always late with their response. When you finally get an email back, it’s wonderfully vague.

2.   It seems that the problem you’re having is always because of someone else – it’s never their responsibility. In the worst cases you are considered to be the problem!

3.    You’re never asked how things are going, or receive suggestions on how to improve. They don’t forward plan. They are reliant on ‘old faithful gear’ which seems to get them out of trouble – until that unexpected server failure which caused you to miss deadline.

4.    They know Windows really, really well and think that means they are perfectly capable of managing your Mac based environment.

5.   Awkwardness much? Especially difficult was that moment when you casually struck up conversation about what you did on the weekend, or your latest Chuck Taylor II purchase.

If symptoms persist, please contact us for a diagnosis.

Everyone tries their best. Sometimes clients come to us complaining about their IT provider and usually they have a valid reason to; be it for poor service, incorrectly configured equipment or after a disagreement. We never seek to undermine those who you have been using – at face value, surely they were doing the best job they could. Origin84 will however handle migrating from your existing provider as sensitively as possible so you don’t have to be stuck in a relationship with an IT supplier you’ve fallen out of love with.

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